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When Nina Farzin’s babies suffered colds, aspirators helped eliminate their wet mucus, but she could not find anything available to help remove the dry boogers. So the Doctor of Pharmacy invented Oogiebear, a soft-tipped scooper that safely and effectively cleans babies’ noses. The line has since expanded to ear care, teething products and skin balms.

Mama O's Premium Kimchi

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Kheedim Oh, founder of Mama O’s Premium Kimchi, was not satisfied with grocery store kimchi—a traditional Korean dish consisting of spicy fermented radish or cabbage. To get both the flavor and convenience he wanted, he worked with his mother to adapt her homemade recipe into kimchi-making kits that allow anyone to make their own in a fraction of the time of the traditional method.


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Sarah Paiji Yoo was alarmed at the packaging waste of cleaning products, the plastic ending up in landfills and eventually our food source. To help address the problem, she created Blueland, a line of cleaning powders and tablets to which consumers simply add warm water. In addition to the cleansers, Paiji Yoo offers a line of long-lasting reusable containers in which to mix and store the solutions.